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Welcome to our website. Below is some news about the CDRA and about local matters. You can contact our CDRA Planning Sub-Committee directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For all other topics email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Follow us on www.facebook.com/CobhamandDownside 


13 September 2021

Meeting with the Developers of Wisley Airfield - Save the Date!

Following requests from us Taylor Wimpey, the developers of Wisley Airfield, have set up a meeting to present their proposals. This presentation is for Cobham residents and should explain a little more about the potential impacts on our village in particular. There will be less about the homes themselves and more about the transport links, use of Cobham resources etc.

It will be held electronically on Thursday 23rd September at 6.30pm. Watch this space for the link to the meeting!


27 August 2021


Afghan Refugees in Surrey

The following press release has been issued by by Elmbridge Borough Council. Details of how you can donate to support Afghan refugees in Surrey are in the last two paragraphs.

Agencies across Surrey are currently helping with the repatriation of Afghan migrants to the UK.  Surrey is a welcoming county, and several local boroughs have already opened their doors to help house individuals and families fleeing to the UK. Surrey County Council is also working closely with District and Boroughs, health providers, the voluntary and charity sector, other local partners and central government to ensure families can be resettled safely.

While the immediate need is to find accommodation to house people once they have completed their stay through Managed Quarantine Service hotels, there are wider needs to be considered, including health, social integration and basic supplies.

Our communities stand ready to support this effort and many Surrey residents are asking if they can help. Due to operational and logistical challenges, as well as COVID control considerations, we are asking that any donations at this point are financial ones, to charities that are best equipped to immediately support Afghan refugees.
The Community Foundation for Surrey
is set up to administer these donations locally and information on how to donate can be found on their website.

Alternatively, the Red Cross are already active in managing donations and supporting arrivals from Afghanistan, and wider local support will be needed from foodbanks and other charities, which can be found via Surrey Information Point.

Thank you for your generosity and support.



24 August 2021


Your Fund Grant Application

For and update on the progress of the CDRA's application for funding from Surrey's £100M Your Fund scheme to improve the Leg O Mutton Field click HERE



18 August 2021

Improvements to Sandy Lane

One of the initiatives being actively worked on by CDRA are improvements to Sandy Lane following consultations with residents. These improvements take time, but persistence is key. The Sandy Lane community’s proposed improvements are now very much on the radar of the Surrey Officers and Councillors, with some positive commitments already.

Surrey Highways has addressed the flooding issue to the west of Reeds School, which had become an increasing problem for the residents nearby and was dangerous as oncoming traffic tries to swerve around the bend to avoid the flooding. There is also commitment from Surrey Highways that they will clear the overgrown vegetation west of Sandringham Park, which will open up the informal footpath from Milner Drive to Reeds School. 

They will repair any defects to Sandy Lane's road surface that are  serious and considered safety defects. It is important that as many local residents as possible report these to ensure ongoing safety for all road users including cyclists and walkers as well as car users. The Surrey reporting website address is www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport.

We have also suggested that the speed limit be reduced to 30mph, the junction with Warren Lane (A244) be widened and a formal footpath be built along the south side of the road. These have been recorded in Elmbridge Local Committee’s prioritisation list, but please bear in mind these kind of improvements take time and are subject to available funding.

We are now looking forward to the next Elmbridge Local Committee meeting on 22-Nov-21 to discuss the above issues further.


Resist proposals to split the Cobham community

Esher & Walton Parliamentary Constituency
Boundaries Commission Review 2023


The proposed boundary changes to our Parliamentary Constituency take Cobham and Downside Ward (CDW) out of Esher & Walton, separating it from the rest of Cobham east of Icklingham Road and Fairmile Lane, but also Stoke D’Abernon, Oxshott and the remainder of Elmbridge. The changes place CDW at the far south of a new Weybridge & Chertsey constituency along with Addlestone, Egham and Virginia Water.

This splits our community making CDW an orphan ward with no community connection to its new constituency and separating Cobham’s village centre from the community it serves.This irrational proposal can be resisted by our whole community, with neighbouring wards, pointing out to the Boundaries Commission that we are one Cobham community. A public consultation has taken place, closing on 2nd August 2021. The CDRA submitted an objection and emailed guidance to members on how to respond individually.

Epsom & St Helier Hospital Consultation

A public consultation has taken place, run by Epsom and St Helier Hospitals Trust, to gather views on the design of the new Specialist Emergency Care Hospital in Sutton. This was a pre-planning consultation and ran until 30th June. Services to be moved to the new hospital will be A&E, critical care, acute medicine, emergency surgery, inpatient paediatrics and maternity services. 24-hour Urgent Treatment Centres will continue at Epsom and St Helier Hospitals.

To find out more about the plans visit Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals | Consultation website (esthplanning.co.uk

Alliance of Elmbridge Residents and Civic Groups

Statement of Position on the preparation of the Elmbridge Local Plan made to the political organisations in Elmbridge.

We are an alliance of Residents and Civic Groups speaking for many thousands of residents right across Elmbridge. We are highly concerned that the current Government imposed housing target for the preparation of the Local Plan in Elmbridge, 633 new dwellings per annum (some 9,500 over the fifteen-year period), will destroy the character of our towns and villages.  This number would result in intensification on a grotesque scale and/ or see the release of Green Belt land for development….....…click here to read the rest of the statement.

M25 Junction 10 Improvements

The Secretary of State has extended the deadline to 12 November 2021 for the final decision on whether to continue with the proposed improvements to the M25 junction 10/A3 Wisley interchange. Read the latest news on the project at https://highwaysengland.co.uk/our-work/south-east/m25-junction-10/  

Cobham - Love Where You Live

Cobham Chamber of Commerce have produced a delightful video reminding us of the wonderful range of independent shops, cafes and restaurants in Cobham and Stoke D'Abernon. Click here to enjoy the video and make sure you give your support to our local businesses.

Covid-19:  Information re Local Services & Support 

Click on Covid-19 Info to visit our page on this topic, which has links to a wide range of information including changes to Surrey County Council  and Elmbridge Borough Council services during lockdown.

Other News

New Garden Village on Wisley Airfield

Many of you will recall that Green Belt at the disused Wisley Airfield near Ockham was released by Guildford Council for the construction of 2000 homes plus offices, a few shops, and two schools. They have insisted on bus, cycle and pedestrian routes to Cobham as part of the sustainable transport plan for the new ‘Garden Village’. Taylor Wimpey, one of the UK’s largest housebuilders, now own the site and have commenced consultation in advance of a major planning application for the new settlement. There is no guarantee that this will succeed and CDRA will assess opportunities to object very carefully.

The site is 11 miles from Guildford but right on Cobham’s border on Old Lane and Martyr’s Green. We would expect new residents to shop in Cobham so car traffic will inevitably rise through the narrow lanes which link us directly to Old Lane where the main arterial road through the new settlement emerges. This has to be balanced against the increase in business for our High Street. It would have helped somewhat if Elmbridge Borough had secured a share of these new homes to offset the large amount of houses the Government requires to be built in the borough. This should have been negotiated with Guildford Borough Council as part of a legally required Duty of Cooperation between them.

CDRA will be doing what they can to help Ockham Parish Council in their struggles to minimise impacts on themselves and other neighbouring villages. (Click here for a letter from Ockham Parish Council to residents). CDRA will, however, prioritise mitigation of the impacts on our own communities in Cobham and Downside. We cannot assume it will not go ahead given the strength of the new developer and need for housing, so it is essential we cover the worst case. (Nov 2020

A Dramatic Increase in Home Building in Our Area?

You will probably be aware of the White Papers on a new Planning Act as part of Boris Johnson’s economic plan to ‘build, build, build’. This is the first complete overhaul to our planning system since 1947 and is hugely significant for Elmbridge, and our area in particular. The CDRA is concerned that this will have big impact on us because housing density will increase with more flats and houses built in our residential suburbs. This has already started on Stoke Road, Fairmile Lane and Green Lane and will put increasing pressure on our already stretched infrastructure.

The government consultation on changes to the current planning system ended on 1st October 2020 and the CDRA, after considerable review and discussion, submitted its own detailed responses which you can see by clicking CDRA Consultation Response.

There has already been a huge increase in Elmbridge’s house building target, from 225 homes per annum in 2011, to 474 in 2016, 623 in 2019, and now to 774 per annum. This means over a 10 year period there would be 7740 new homes in the borough compared to 2720 at the current rate of build.

CDRA accepts Cobham should take its fair share of a fully justified housing target for Elmbridge. However, we want to avoid an increase in housing density and do not agree with other local organisations that a single argument against use of Green Belt will serve Cobham well.

Our recent newsletter covered more of the details of this. (Sep 2020)

The Future of Epsom & St Helier Hospitals

The Health Secretary has given approval for Epsom and St Helier's new NHS specialist hospital in Sutton. The aim is to open the new hospital in 2025. Here is some background: 

In September 2019 the Government allocated £500 million to improve the current hospital buildings as well as to build a new specialist emergency care hospital on one of 3 sites - Epsom, St Helier or Sutton. Under the proposals most services would stay at the existing sites in refurbished buildings. Six major services for the most unwell, those who need more specialist care, and births in hospital would be brought together onto one site in new state-of-the art buildings.. These new buildings could be located at any of the three sites, but the preferred option is Sutton. This consultation closed on 1st April 2020. In July 2020 Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group announced the green light for a £500m investment for Epsom and St Helier hospitals and a brand new specialist hospital in Sutton.  Click on hospital investment for details.

If you would like to see a full list of the topics Surrey County Council is currently consulting on, those it has completed and the outcomes then go to www.surreysays.co.uk 

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