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    Posted: August 24th 2021

    You may be aware that Surrey County Council recently launched a ‘Your Fund’ scheme. £100 M has been budgeted to be spent over a period of five years in support of community based projects across the county.

    We had intended to bid in partnership with the Cobham Conservation and Heritage Trust (CCHT), Chamber of Commerce (COC) and Cobham Football Club (CFC).  Unfortunately the provision of infrastructure to make the Holly Hedge pedestrian area into a more welcoming market/meeting place (promoted by the CoC), and the idea of enhancing the attractiveness of our High Street and village centre (promoted by CCHT), both required SCC Highways involvement and are no longer eligible for Your Fund support. As a result, it was agreed that the CDRA and CFC should continue together to pursue our Leg of Mutton (LoM) focused projects. These in outline include proposals to:

    Replace the existing community skate park which is at the end of its life with a new updated version. This will provide entertainment for a generally younger demographic, capitalise on the social and physical benefits of using an up to-date facility, and offer the unique experience of being involved in the design of such a facility.

    Create a community nature trail around the LoM and install appropriate seating and accompanying trees.  This will allow both young and older members of the community to gain improved access, amenity and ducational and health benefits, in addition to enhanced opportunities for social interaction and quiet contemplation.

    Replace and enhance the existing football club changing rooms and since the current ones are not fit for purpose. The new facilities will greatly benefit the young players and staff of this growing youth football club. In addition, such new facilities will enhance the experience for players’ families and supporters and will also support a greater range of community activities for local residents.     

    We have recently submitted an application to establish a Community Interest Company (CIC) with our partners, CFC; this will allow us to receive and disburse funds for our proposed community projects. Once the CIC is formalised, we will then be able to address the Your Fund Idea Submission Application, a necessary compliance check by SCC.

    Assuming both the CIC is formalised and that we satisfy the compliance check, we can then start the serious work of compiling and submitting our detailed bid for project funds. This work will not only involve securing formal quotes from potential suppliers and developing detailed project plans, but will, most importantly, involve further engagement with the community to ensure our proposed projects have the support and buy-in of Cobham & Downside residents.

    If you are interested in working with us on this, or any project, please email using the contact button above