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Cobham & Downside Residents' Association

Welcome to our website. Below is some news about the CDRA and about local matters. You can contact our CDRA Planning Sub-Committee directly by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . For all other topics email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Follow us on 

Hospital Announcement

Surrey Heartlands Clinical Commissioning Group has annouced the green light for a £500m investment for Epsom and St Helier hospitals and a brand new specialist hospital in Sutton.  Click on hospital investment for details. 


Cobham Chatterbus will be back on Monday 13th July.  Details and timetables at Cobham Chatterbus.. 

Test and Trace Scams

The NHS test and trace system is now live and unfortunately this could be an opportunity for fraudsters to fool people. Click on test and trace scams for information about the test and trace system and some scams to beware of.  Also visit to find out more about test and trace and how it works.

Cobham Health Centre Patient Booklet

A new Patient Information Booklet has been prodcued for Cobham Health Centre under the auspsices of the Patient Participation Group, funded by a grant the Group obtained from Elmbridge Borough Council. The booklet will shortly be distributed to all households in Cobham, Downside and Stoke D'Abernnon, after which copies will also be available from the Health Centre, including a larger print version for those who require one. Make sure you are fully aware of the current services the Centre offers and take a look at the new website for the Practice.


The CDRA Open Meeting and AGM which was planned for April was postponed. We hope that our autumn meeting will be able to take place on 8th October when we will hold the AGM.

The Cobham and Downside Residents’ Association & Cobham Chamber of Commerce have been working together to try to make sure that every road or block of flats in Cobham and Downside has a system in place so that everyone who is self-isolating or in need during the Covid-19 emergency has support from their neighbours if they need it. This might include shopping, dog walking, collecting prescription or even a phone call.

Many roads and flats have already set something like this up. If your road or group is one of these, please could you email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let us know. We are anticipating a large volume of emails and you will most likely not get a reply. If your road or block of flats does not have anything in place and you, or someone you know are willing to help please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will assist you as much as possible. Please put your road name in the ‘subject’ box and if you are only able to cover a part of your road please indicate which.

Please forward this information to your friends in Cobham and Downside so that we can make contact with as many people in as many roads or blocks of flats as possible. We apologise that there will be some duplication here, but better duplication than someone in need slipping through the net. Residents of Stoke D’Abernon are being covered by the Stoke D’Abernon Residents’ Association.

If you have any questions at all, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you for all your help.
The Cobham and Downside Residents’ Association,,
Cobham Chamber of Commerce,

Information re Local Services and Support during the Lockdown

Please note that we can’t guarantee this is up-to-date, accurate or complete. Other providers may be available. There's so much changing and it's happening so fast, but we hope this may be of some help.

National Government  - Visit for a wide variety of information on keeping safe, government services, employment and financial support, travel etc.

Elmbridge Borough Council Services - Visit EBC for latest details of all services or phone 01372 474474.. 

Councils are expanding the services they provide such as Meals on Wheels and shopping, although these may be prioritised for the vulnerable who have been told to stay at home.

Elmbridge Borough Council’s committee meetings: Some have been cancelled. A few will be held virtually. Others will be held in a truncated format. Members over 70 years in age will be discouraged from attending meetings in person.

Surrey County Council Services - Visit SCC Coronavirus for information and advice including latest details of all their services

Surrey County Council has a Community Helpline tel 0300 200 1008 Monday to Friday.
From 6 July some of Surrey's libraries, including weybridge, have re-opened. Details at open libraries. Cobham Library remains closed for the time being. . Visit online library to find out what you can access from home.
From 11 May there was a phased reopening of most of Surrey's community recycling centres (CRC). Restrictions are in place including a limit on the range of items accepted. See Recycling Centre for details before you plan a visit.

Transport - Check before you travel as arrangements are changing all the time.

Car Parking: Click on parking for latest on charges in Council car parks. As at 27 March parking charges had been suspended in all Council car parks until midnight on 14 April. This does not apply to non-Council carparks. 
Buses: Click on buses for the latest Surrey County Council information on bus services.  Click on 715 bus for latest changes to the 715 timetable. As at 8th April the frequency of the 715 was reduced to approximately every 90 minutes on Monday to Saturday. The Sunday & Bank Holiday service were continuing to run as normal. We have been told that concessional travel time restrictions on Stagecoach South bus services (which include the 715) have been relaxed, so that such concessions can be used in the early morning throughout the week. The Chatterbus will be back on 13 July. 

Post Office: Click on post office info 

Health Centres: 

Cobham Health Centre
Oxshott Health Centre


Lloyds Pharmacy: Click Lloyds info
Boots Pharmacy:  Click on Boots Info
Cobham Pharmacy (formerly Rowlands):  Reduced opening hours. Sorry - we don't have the details..

Dentists: Dental practices are closing however you should still phone your dentist if you have an urgent problem and they will try to resolve it remotely. A Local Urgent Dental Care System is being set up for all patients and will manage urgent problems that can’t be dealt with by phone. See your own dentist's website for details of their plans.

Shopping & Meal Delivery

Cobham Our Village, in association with Cobham Chamber of Commerce, has been providing some news on which local shops are open. Click on shopping.

Independent local traders that have been opening include Farrants and Stoneleigh Family Butchers (correct as at 1 April). You can order from some of our local shops online so check for websites and try to support them. A wider range of local shops and services awill be opening in July so look out for them..

Supermarkets may be reserving certain times for NHS workers and older and vulnerable customers. They may also be restricting the number of people in at any one time.

Waitrose:  Click on Waitrose info 
Sainsbury's:  Click on Sainsburys info
Marks & Spencer: Click on Marks info
Tesco: Click on Tesco info

The companies below provide grocery and frozen meals delivery although most are currently not taking new customers but may allow registration for when there is less demand.

Milk and More 0345 606 3606 Milk delivery service 3 days a week in Surrey provides over 250 daily essential groceries.
Oakhouse Foods 0333 3702512 Delivery service for frozen meals and grocery delivery service.
Wiltshire Farm Foods    01737 823366 Frozen meal delivery service
Cook Limited delivery service at present but shops may remain open including Ashtead 01372 631218 and Weybridge 01932 845294 

Scams & Fraud

Don't be scammed. Some people will try to take advantage of the unusual situation. Visit Coronavirus Scams for advice from Trading Standards on avoiding being scammed.

From Surrey Police: Please stay on the alert as reports come in other parts of the country of fraud or attempted fraud related to Covid-19. The majority of reports are related to online shopping scams where people have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser and other products which have never arrived. Other frauds being reported include ticket fraud, romance fraud, charity fraud and lender loan fraud. Phishing e-mails are abundant, e.g. fraudsters sending investment scheme and trading advice encouraging people to take advantage of the coronavirus downturn or purporting to be from HMRC offering a tax refund and directing victims to a fake website to harvest their personal and financial details. 

The police have advised us of one scam where you receive a text message supposedly from the government stating that you have exited the specified one mile radius and must pay a  fine. A link is provided and if you click it takes you to a series of very convincing fake ‘government’ websites.

Click on scam alert for more information from the Police. Beware.

Sources of Help - Be aware these have not been checked by us and inclusion does not constitute a recommendation by the CDRA

Unfortunately, many local Good Neighbour Schemes who usually provide transport to medical appointments and shopping are currently not operating. However, new local neighbourhood schemes have been set up in many areas.

Bereavement support:  Many people bereaved during lockdown have been unable to properly say goodbye to loved ones, comfort or even hug each other. To help, Marie Curie offers a free bereavement support service. Anyone who is grieving can access up to six telephone sessions with a matched volunteer by calling 0800 090 2309. Further details as well as online information and support is available here: 

Government guidance on helping can be found by clicking how to help safely

If you need help or want to offer help to others then Surrey County Council community support pages have a wealth of information on this. They are linked in with small and large charities, and many of the community/neighbourhood groups who are organising help for people via social media.

Surrey County Council are partnering with the Red Cross to help people get their prescriptions delivered. If you'd like to help by volunteering, you can register on the British Red Cross community reserve volunteer website.

Cobham Invisible Hands is a group of local residents who have volunteered to support others who have a genuine need for help with shopping, collecting prescriptions, walking the dog, a friendly phone call etc. They have asked for volunteers to act as 'street captains' for each street, someone who is well-known, trusted and can, along with the support of other neighbours, help those in their street who may be in need. To volunteer or to ask about help contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cobham Churches are working together to provide support and help. Click on Cobham Churches to get the details.

Coronavirus Response Fund has been launched to support local charities and voluntary organisations that are assisting some of Surrey’s most vulnerable people. Click on Response Fund.  This is a group of volunteers supporting local groups providing help in their community. The website lists all registered groups in the UK.

Age UK   01483 503 414

Telephone befriending:-
    Age UK Call in Time Advice Line 0800 055 6112
    The Silverline 0800 470 8090 

Support For Those Experiencing Or At Risk of Domestic Abuse - This information is an extract from an email sent by Surrey Police.

Please remember that you can still call 999 or report online at if you or someone else is in danger. While some support services are not able to offer face to face meetings at this time, there is still help and advice available online and over the phone. If you are being abused, are concerned about family, friends or neighbours, or are worried you may commit domestic abuse, please seek help, either from the police or from support organisations.

Surrey Against Domestic Abuse – 01483 776822 Provides information on how to get help and keep yourself and your children safe.

Your Sanctuary – 01483 776822 Helpline service available 9am to 9pm 7 days a week, offering support, information and signposting. An online chat service is available via their website. Your Sanctuary also runs two safe houses for women and children fleeing from domestic abuse, and a specialist male support service available to men across Surrey.

Men’s Advice Line – 0808 801 0327 Confidential helpline for male victims of domestic abuse

Safe Lives Providing domestic abuse support and guidance during the Covid-19 pandemic.

National Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0808 2000 247 Guidance and support for potential victims, as well as those who are worried about friends and loved ones

National LGBT+ Domestic Abuse Helpline – 0800 999 5428 Emotional and practical support for LGBT+ people.

RespectUK – 0808 802 4040 Advice and support for those who are finding it difficult to manage their behaviour during this difficult time and want to make a change.

Silent Solution - If you’re in an emergency situation and need police help but can’t speak, Make Yourself Heard and let the 999 operator know your call is genuine by pressing ‘55’. When transferred to your local police force, the police call handler will attempt to communicate with you by asking simple yes or no questions. If you are not able to speak, listen carefully to the questions and instructions from the call handler so they can assess your call and arrange help if needed.


Other News

Public Consultation on the Future of Epsom & St Helier Hospitals

In September 2019 the Government allocated £500 million to improve the current hospital buildings as well as to build a new specialist emergency care hospital on one of 3 sites - Epsom, St Helier or Sutton. Under the proposals most services would stay at the existing sites in refurbished buildings. Six major services for the most unwell, those who need more specialist care, and births in hospital would be brought together onto one site in new state-of-the art buildings.. These new buildings could be located at any of the three sites, but the preferred option is Sutton. This consultation closed on 1st April 2020.

Elmbridge Local Plan

An Elmbridge Borough Council consultation entitled 'Creating our vision, objectives and the direction for development management policies 2020' closed on 9th March. Go to Consultation to view the consultation document. Elmbridge Borough Council will issue a log of the consultation responses received along with the council’s consideration of the issues raised in due course. The next Local Plan consultation is expected Autumn 2020.

Here's a some background information:-

Elmbridge Councillor James Browne was one of the speakers at the CDRA Residents’ Meeting on 17th October and reported on some key points emerging from the recent public consultation about the draft Local Plan. (Visit to read about the consultation).

Over 6500 responses had been received by Elmbridge Council by the time the consultation closed on 30th September. 85% had chosen Option 4 which would optimise development of urban land and not use any Green Belt sites, delivering about 45% less than the Government target for new homes. 1259 responses had come from Cobham residents, with 94% selecting Option 4. 401 replies were from Stoke D’Abernon and 488 from Oxshott. There was overwhelming support for retaining the Green Belt and a strong expression of the need for better infrastructure, especially roads.

Timescales for future steps were uncertain but Councillor Browne gave an indication of how things might go. There was likely to be a formal report on the outcome to Elmbridge Cabinet in November 2019. There would then be further stages including more consultation. The new draft Local Plan might be available around June 2020 with adoption of the Plan in about autumn 2021.

(Click here to see a PDF of the advice the CDRA gave about how to respond to the Consultation, which closed at the end of September 2019). 

If you would like to see a full list of the topics Surrey County Council is currently consulting on, those it has completed and the outcomes then go to 

Click to view our recent newletters

CDRA Autumn 2019 Newsletter

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CDRA Autumn 2018 Newsletter

CDRA Spring 2018 Newsletter 


Committee News

The CDRA is back on Facebook, Visit our Facebook page for more up-to-date news and like us at  . We originally created a CDRA Facebook page early in 2019 to be able update you on issues much more quickly. We were very pleased with its success and learned from running it but had to take the page down for a while as we didn't have enough help to be able to run it permanently.

We have received the sad news that Joyce McDavitt has passed away.  Joyce was a long-standing member of the CDRA Committee, retiring from it about ten years' ago. She was 95 and had lived and worked in Cobham for her whole life. She was a fountain of knowledge about our area with an amazing memory for people and places in Cobham from her childhood right through to now. Our condolences to her family. Once restrictions are lifted they hope to hold a memorial service to celebrate Joyce's life. (March 2020)

Email us if you think you'd like to find out more about supporting Cobam and Downside by getting involved as an active committee member. Find out more by clicking  CDRA Recruitment Flyer







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