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26th November 2021

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Heritage Assets are buildings and sites in a local planning authority’s area that make a positive contribution to its local character and sense of place because of their heritage value. Although such heritage assets may not be nationally designated or even located within the boundaries of a conservation area, they may be offered some level of protection by the local planning authority identifying them on a formally adopted list of local heritage assets.

Surrey County Council are currently updating their Heritage Asset List and have asked local organisations to submit new sites. The CDRA has put three sites forward, Anvil Lane from Painshill to Downside Bridge Road (a heritage walk and historic route), the former Telephone Repeater Station, 274 Portsmouth Road Cobham (now preschool & nursery) and the Village Clock, Cobham High Street (Millennium Project).
If approved these sites can be afforded protection through the planning system as locally listed 'non-designated heritage assets' although they can't be protected as much as statutorily listed buildings.
You can find more information HERE and a list of the sites put forward by the CDRA and other local organisations HERE

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