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The member of the committee responsible for Highways is Martin Elbourne. If you have an issue regarding Highways please contact him using the contact us button above.

To report a pot hole or other issue with highways to Surrey County Council Highways department click HERE

Excessive contractor parking on Green Lane

November 8th 2021
 You may have seen that contractors for the development of Crow Gables (on Fairmile Lane) have been parking the entire length of Green Lane. This has been causing considerable problems for local residents and many have complained. One of our committee members has been pressing Surrey County Council Highways about the issue which resulted in Highways meeting with the site manager. As a result the developer, Audley Villages’, recent newsletter said:
"We have been communicating with a few residents in Green Lane as we try to resolve the parking of site vehicles. We are currently looking at off-street parking for our operatives to help reduce the number of vehicles parking locally, and would expect this could be resolved in the coming month."
We will be watching the situation...