The member of the committee responsible for Public Transport is Mike Dawes. If you have an issue regarding Highways please contact him using the contact us button above.


Real time passenger information board at bus stops

April 26th

Following the lobbying by our committee member responsible for public transport we were pleased to see that earlier this month Surrey County Council installed a real time passenger information display at the bus stop outside Sainsbury's Local in the High Street. This gives times for the Chatterbus, 408 and 513 services.
Unfortunately the rapidly refreshing nature of this particular display means that our camera couldn't capture the letters and numbers in the top right corner well.

January 31st 2022

We are delighted to be able to report that a real time board has been added to the bus shelter outside Cobham's Health Centre to let passengers know how long till the next bus. Unfortunately the bus stop on the opposite side of the road doesn't have an appropriate shelter to add one at the moment, but this is being looked into.

The board at the bus shelter in Cobham High Street (by Sainsbury's Local) should be up by April, it's currently awaiting cabling work. A big thanks to our Mike Dawes, out committee member for public transport for pushing for this.


31st January 2022
If you use the Chatterbus you will be pleased to hear they now have a second bus, the C3, which started running today. For a full timetable visit their WEBSITE  The C3 provides more middle of the day services to and from Cobham Station and provides a new service to Cobham Free School (main site) via Cobham Health Centre.


November 8th 2021

Our committee member for public transport has been in communication with the Senior Transport Officer, Passenger Transport Projects at Surrey County Council about the need for a real time passenger information board at the bus stop outside Sainsbury's. This would let passengers know exactly when the next bus was due. Funding has been identified, a contractor has surveyed the bus shelter and following some remedial works it's hoped the board can be in place withing six months.