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You may be aware that Surrey County Council recently launched a ‘Your Fund’ scheme. Essentially, £100 M has been budgeted to be spent over a period of 5 years in support of community based projects across the county. 

As the Council has encouraged residents to Think BIG, the Cobham & Downside Residents’ Association, Cobham Chamber of Commerce and Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust are collaborating to bid for funds as the Cobham Village Partnership, in order to make a strong case for Cobham.

The overall aim of the Partnership is to deliver a vibrant, inclusive and environmentally friendly village centre in Cobham, principally through the expansion, enhancement and rejuvenation of our existing public and pedestrian spaces. The initial project idea is focused around 3 themes:

  • Improve and add to the environmental, amenity, educational, and health benefits of the Leg of Mutton field;
  • Extend and enhance the look, feel and use of the existing Holly Hedge pedestrian area; and,
  • Create a cohesive, attractive and environmentally friendly shopping centre for our community and commercial outlets to utilise, access and enjoy.

Whilst these are early days in the process, the initial ‘idea’ of a project needs to be registered with the Council so that the level of community interest can be established. If sufficient interest is registered, the initial ‘idea’ can be developed further based on more detailed input from the community and the Partnership can then compete for funding.

We would therefore encourage everyone who has an interest in Cobham’s future, to consider registering their agreement for the Partnership to move the initial ‘idea’ to the next stage. This can be done by ticking the ‘Agree’ box at the bottom of the following link (which also provides further details behind the 3 themes):

A Survey has also been established by the Partnership to gather more information on the initial ‘idea’ from the local community; it can be found at: or at on our Facebook page.

If you have more detailed comments or ideas for the Partnership to consider, we would also encourage you to email them directly to us.