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On this page you can read about about the CDRA, how to contact us, the Executive Committee and our Sub-Committees.

The CDRA is a voluntary, non-political organisation working on behalf of the residents of Cobham and Downside. The aim of the association is to ensure that residents have a strong meaningful voice on matters that have an impact on their community.

If you would like to help us make a difference, we are always looking for enthusiastic local residents to join our committee.  Get in touch to find out what this would involve.  Our contact details are below.

To achieve our objectives and to maximise the benefits of the association we need both active support and input from you, the local resident. Having campaigned on major issues in the past our current and future intention is to ensure that Cobham and Downside remains intact for future generations. There are many aspects of our local society on which we all have opinions - all matters that affect the local community receive our attention. Specifically we address matters relating to:

Planning ~ Highways ~ Environment ~ Amenities ~ Policing ~ Youth Services ~ Health Services 


Contact Us

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Aerial Photo of St Andrews Church Cobham

CDRA Executive Committee

Steve Wood              Chair
Wendy Whitaker       Hon Treasurer
Rosemary Bailey      Hon Secretary, Newsletter
Renny Kyle               Membership Secretary
Mike Dawes             Transport
Martin Elbourne      Police & Highways
Jill Newman
Dilip Mathew
Denise Stanczyk
Vanessa Brown
Brian Teale
Laura Deegan


Painshill Waterwheel

CDRA Planning Sub-Committee

Steve Wood           Sub-Committee Chair
Dilip Mathew
Denise Stanczyk
Brian Teale



CDRA Hon. President

Sue Kilpatrick